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2013-2014 Individual Contributors

The following list includes individuals whose contributions were received between January 2013 and the present. Through the generous contributions of those on this list, CEF has been able to pursue its mission of fostering a greater understanding of the science and value of chemistry and chemicals. Thank you for your support! If we have inadvertently omitted your name, please contact us at comments@chemed.org

Lauren Anderson
Louie Andrew
Robert C. Becker
John C. Bennett
Gary W. Biesemeier 
Jeffrey Block
Mathew A. Brainerd
Douglas A. Brown
Alan R. Browne
Eric Byer
Robert E. Carroll III
Greg Carlton
Stephen & Margaret Clark    
Seth Cohen
Thomas & Betsy Corcoran     
Stephen J. Cornwall
Kenneth Dartley
Laura M. Dornbusch 
Robert Falkenstein
William Fidler
Don Field
Barrett C. Fisher III
Patrick D. Forker
David B. Garner
Steven C. Gripp
Angela Guerrero
Benjamin Gutmann
Roger T. Harris
Timothy Heidenry
Terry Hill
Bryant Hinnant
Charlie Hinnant
Curt Holmes
Brian Horning
Steven J. Hunt
Meghan Jordan
Joshua Kester
Ryan Kumpula
Douglas M. Kutz
Perry P. Lea
Lindsay A. Logue
James A. Lombardi
Susan Lucas
Patrick J. Marantette 
Chad Massie
John L. Mastrantoni
William G. Mays
Kelly L. McCabe
Brent McDowell
William J. McGowan
Robert L. Jr. & Joanne Moser    
Chester J. Murphy, Jr.
Barbara Nothstein
Sean W. O'Donnell
Bryan Page
Maureen E. Paukert
Richard A. Peacock
Rosemary Podwin
Kevin Pohlschmidt
Edward J. Polen
Bruce L. Radi
Anthony M. Ridnell
Butch Roberts
Joel D. Rotramel
Paul Russo
Jerome C. Schaefer
Bruce H. Schechinger
Larry Sernyk
Andrew K. Skipp
Lawrence D. Sloan
Irwin J. Smith III
James Sotirchos
Stephen B. Tanner
Tony Thompson
Thomas B. Turriff
Rob Vallentine
Edward J. Walsh
Ted L. Ward
Gerald L. Wheatley, Jr.
Bruce L. Whetter
Bart Whitaker
Richard A. White
Betsy Witteman