Click here for the 2017-2018 You Be The Chemist Challenge ® Official Rules as established by the Chemical Educational Foundation® (CEF). These rules pertain to all levels of the competition, with the exception of the 2018 National Challenge, for which CEF will provide a separate rules document.


Structure and Format

Click here for detailed information comprising the 2017-2018 You Be The Chemist ® Challenge Official Competition Structure and Format: Public Edition* as established by the Chemical Educational Foundation® (CEF). For brief overviews, click on the thumbnails provided below.

*Refer back to the Important Dates page for a deadline extension that is not conveyed in this document. 

  • OVERVIEW:  2017-2018 You Be The Chemist Challenge ® Structure

  • OVERVIEW:  2017-2018 You Be The Chemist Challenge ® Format (Local, Local-as-State, and State competitions)

Please note:  CEF will provide a separate format document for the 2018 National Challenge.


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