Congratulations to the incredible state winners of the 20th Anniversary You Be The Chemist Challenge! See their impressive videos below.

Don’t forget to look out for the stars that denote the National Finalists teams, and a note if they came in first through third place!


Arizona, BASIS Scottsdale
Anagha V., Ethan C., Jingbo X., and Shraddha P.

California, Parent Led Team from Miller Middle School ⭐
Sophia F., Sean H., Hanyu Z., and Michael T.

District of Columbia, Maret School
Austen G., Calvin. G, Alex R., and Luke D.

Delaware, Newark Charter Junior High School
Angel C., Saharsra K., and Ananya P.

Florida, NSU University School
Nolan A., Enzo J., and Alek L.

Georgia, J.J. Daniell Middle School
Isaiah V., Sophia E., and Phoebe R.

Hawaii, Voyager Public Charter School
Jake M., Keahi I., Kyle A., and Tanner V.

Iowa, Iowa City Homeschool
Maximilian H., Milana M., Milla W., and Noah W.

Illinois, Science Scholars Sandbox, THIRD PLACE
Arjun R., Ethan S., Prajin S., and Vihaan H.

Indiana, Carmel Middle School
Bryan Y., Arnav B., Josh K., and Anirudh G.

Kentucky, Bluegrass Middle School
Hunter B., Emmett E., Liam K., and Ezra S.

Louisiana, Glasgow Middle School
Adhrit M., Bhaskar M., Mary P., and Ziang Z.

Massachusetts, ExSciton
Adhitya R., Viraj P., and Vedanth S.

Michigan, Jefferson Middle School, SECOND PLACE
Raymond C., Emma H., Sydney M., and Elliot L.

Missouri, Ladue Middle School
Eric T., Roger T., Ayden H., and Bryan Y.

Mississippi, Meridian Christian Home Educators
Samuel D., Judah C., Declan M., and Ian M.

North Carolina, Davis Drive Middle School ⭐
Ajay S, Tiger Z., Sohum V., and Divya T.

New Hampshire, Academy for Science and Design
Saketh P., Aniruddh S., Akhil B., and Ishan P.

New Jersey, Princeton Charter School
Joshua H., Jianing L., Rohan S., and Aaron W.

New York, Parent Led Team
Nicole L., Diana W., and William T.

Ohio, Hudson Middle School
Abigail A., Sherry J., Harrison J., and Noah S.

Oregon, Stoller Middle School
Aanya A., Gianna D., Yashika D., and Alisha F.

Pennsylvania, Holland Middle School
Pranav M., Justin S., Ryan B., and Michael G.

Rhode Island, Park View Middle School
Jacob M., Aiden M., Oakley K., and Jonnathan U.

South Carolina, Gold Hill Middle School
Harihar S., Harshita G., Saaya P., and Abigail F.

Tennessee, Pleasant View School
Eiman S., Mohammed S., Kazi S., and Aasiyah M.

Texas, Quail Valley Middle School
Advika A., Joey D., Samuel M., and Zaden T.

Utah, St. George Academy
Chase H., Gabriel W., Malia D., and Mathew N.

Virginia, BASIS Independent – McLean
Sanjeev G., Zain M., Delia A., and Sumer C.

Washington, Parent-led team from Odle Middle School, FIRST PLACE
Sarvesh R. Anagha R., Krishay S., and YouLan W.

West Virginia, Calvary Baptist Academy
Olivia D., Samuel H., Emma M., and Jonathan F

Ontario, Canada, Holy Name Catholic School
Avery G., Taeo A., Ben D., and Owen D.