Dwayne Sattler, Executive Director

Dwayne G. Sattler began his role as Executive Director of the Foundation on April 3, 2017. Sattler came to CEF from The Ohio State University (OSU) where he served as Managing Director of “SpotOn,” a national STEM educational technology initiative within the College of Education and Human Ecology. Prior to that Sattler was Associate Vice President for Policy in OSU’s Office of Research supporting the Ohio Technology Consortium. His efforts resulted in securing $30M in external funding to support the consortium’s industrial research services and STEM education programs. In addition to STEM programs, Sattler has led public policy initiatives through his own consulting firm, Network Government Relations, and as the full-time Director of Public Policy and Public Affairs at the Ohio Supercomputer Center. Earlier in his career, he worked for the Lieutenant Governor of Ohio, Mike DeWine and as his Legislative Assistant after DeWine’s election to the U.S Senate. Sattler also served as Staff Director for the U.S. Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee’s Subcommittee on Employment and Training. In that role, he led legislative efforts to pass the Workforce Investment Act, which included the reauthorization of the Carl Perkins Vocational Education Act and the Adult Education Act. He was also instrumental in the reauthorizations of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, the Higher Education Act, and National Science Foundation. Sattler is working toward his Master of Arts, Public Policy & Management from The Ohio State University and holds a Bachelor of Arts, Communications from Bowling Green State University.


2016 Suzette Bucher-18

Suzette Bucher, Director of Strategic Partnerships & Engagement

Suzette Bucher joined CEF in August 2009. As the Director of Strategic Partnerships & Development, she works to plan, execute, and evaluate fundraising initiatives, donor relations, and the overall growth of support for CEF and the YBTC programs. Her favorite CEF event is the National YBTC Challenge, where she is able to meet with students and educators from all over the country to celebrate chemistry and the program’s success!

Suzette graduated from James Madison University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Studies. She enjoys attending sports events and is a huge fan of the Baltimore Ravens and the University of Maryland Basketball Team.


Lisette Gallegos, Senior Manager, STEM Content

Lis Gallegos joined CEF in September 2013. As the STEM Content Senior Manager, she oversees the growth and development of CEF’s programmatic educational content. Prior to joining CEF, Lis worked as a teacher’s assistant and tutor for several chemistry programs at Cornell University. She was also an undergraduate researcher in a laboratory, focusing on chemistry-driven methods in chemical biology.

Lis holds a BS in Chemistry & Chemical Biology from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. Her favorite teacher was her 11th grade chemistry teacher because he let the class make compounds that are used to flavor candy. Lis’s favorite element is Hydrogen – it’s #1!




Avery Keese, Manager, Outreach & Events

Avery joined CEF in August 2015. As Outreach & Events Manager, she is involved with event planning, outreach, and volunteer management for the You Be The Chemist® Challenge. Before joining CEF, Avery worked with Community Foodworks, an organization that operates farmers markets in the Washington, D.C. area. She also served as a college adviser with the Carolina College Advising Corps, a college access program in her home state of North Carolina.

Avery earned a BA in Political Science and a minor in Education from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. While there Avery was also a tutor and teaching assistant, leading review sessions for introductory biology courses. She enjoys cheering on the Tar Heels in any sport, volunteering at the farmers market, and running around Washington!




Carolyne BanksIMG_7707, Coordinator, Outreach

Carolyne Banks joined CEF in September 2016. As an Outreach Coordinator, she works on volunteer support, event planning, and outreach for the You Be The Chemist® programs, with a focus on the Challenge. Prior to joining CEF, Carolyne worked as a legal assistant in the intellectual property department of a law firm.

Carolyne holds a BA in Biological Science from Wellesley College. She is an avid, though not always successful, gardener and enjoys watching wasps, butterflies, and hummingbirds forage in her garden.



Ellyn Schuette, Coordinator, Outreach

Ellyn Schuette joined CEF in October 2016 as an Outreach Coordinator.  In support of the You Be The Chemist® programs and the Challenge, she is involved in volunteer support, event planning, and outreach.  Before joining CEF, Ellyn worked as a forensic scientist for nearly ten years, performing research at a national laboratory and analyzing trace evidence cases at state crime labs.  She also spent an inspiring year in informal STEM education at both a science museum and an educational consortium.

Ellyn earned her BS in Chemistry from Penn State University, and her MS in Forensic Science (chemistry concentration) from Michigan State University.  She’s looking forward to checking out fun community festivals in the greater-D.C. area.  She also enjoys visiting museums and singing – but luckily not at the same time!