You Be The Chemist builds a better world through the science of chemistry.

  • Inspiring students early in life to pursue science and chemistry in study and careers
  • Engaging educators to build their confidence in teaching hands-on science in grades K-8
  • Strengthening communities by connecting students and educators with volunteers from science industries.

You Be The Chemist builds the future workforce by inspiring students today.

Thank you to The Dow Chemical Company for its Diamond Sponsorship of You Be The Chemist.

You Be The Chemist Challenge

The Challenge is a fun and interactive academic competition that encourages students in grades 5-8 to explore chemistry concepts and their real-world applications. The Challenge provides a unique opportunity for a variety of individuals and organizations—including schools, members of the chemical industry, educators, and other community partners—to come together and show their support for STEM education. Challenge competitions take place across the country and culminate in the National Challenge event in June, held in Washington, D.C. and organized by CEF.

You Be The Chemist Activity Guides

The You Be The Chemist® Activity Guides: Lesson Plans for Making Chemistry Fun offer a variety of exciting science lesson plans, enabling educators to bring hands-on learning to students, inside and outside of the classroom. The Activity Guides are divided according to grade level, one for grades K–4 and the other for grades 5–8.

Together the Activity Guides contain almost 1,000 pages of educator-reviewed experiments, activity sheets, supplements, and a resource guide filled with safety information, and much more. The content of the guides aligns to the national framework established for the Next Generation Science Standards.

The Fourth Edition Activity Guides are available in a flash drive format for purchase or as downloadable PDF’s for free! Check out the Activity Guides page to see how to download them.

You Be The Chemist Essential Elements

Essential Elements is a professional development workshop designed to provide K–8 educators—our “essential elements” in education—with methods for teaching chemistry concepts through hands-on learning and real-world connections.

Essential Elements is based on the 5E learning cycle approach to teaching. This cycle allows students to build their own understanding of new concepts from both old ideas and their own experiences. Each of part of the cycle describes a phase of learning: engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate. During an Essential Elements workshop, the instructor will lead educators through a full 5E learning cycle utilizing a lesson from the Activity Guides.

Visit the Essential Elements page for more information on the 5E learning cycle format and how to bring an Essential Elements workshop to the schools in your community!