Looking for fun summer activities for your kids?

Summertime brings fun and relaxation, but it can also lead to summer learning loss (summer slide). CEF is continuing work that inspires students, engages them in independent learning, and strengthens their ability to build a better world through the science of chemistry.

Through free summer activities, kids will create chemical reactions and explore gooey substances safely, with minimum prep and everyday household items. Kids can easily invite parents, teachers and friends to join in the fun, helping them improve their leadership, communication, and collaboration skills.

And best of all, with the range of topics across chemistry, biology and physics, you can easily avoid Summer Slide!

Slide into Summer Learning Fun!

Exploding Bags: Kids mix baking soda, warm water, and vinegar in a plastic bag and watch as reactants suddenly turn into products: a liquid and a gas! As the reaction proceeds and produces more gas, the plastic bag will inflate and then ‘explode’ open. Kids can explore: how matter changes form in chemical reactions, an acid-base reaction, that gases take up space, and that chemical reactions often coincide with thermal energy changes.

Lumpy Liquids: In this activity, kids create two solutions: one with Epsom salt, and the other with powdered laundry detergent. As they slowly add one solution to the other, they will see a solid form. The chemical reaction of two liquid solutions forms a solid right before their eyes.

Access our Activity Guide how-to videos, and additional activities which are exciting, hands-on science experiences!