Congratulations to Daniel Liu of Ottawa Hills, OH for winning this year’s 2015 National You Be The Chemist Challenge®! After eleven rounds of increasingly tough competition, Daniel stood on stage with a smile on his face and pumped both fists in the air, prompting both laughter and a standing ovation from the audience of more than 300. The youngest competitor in the entire competition, Daniel is also the youngest to ever win the title of National Challenge Champion, as well as the first student from Ohio to take the top prize.

Congratulations also to first runner-up Aum Upadhyay of Washington, second runner-up Raghav Ramanujam of California, and third runner-up Rafay Ashary of Texas!

CEF would like to commend all National Challenge participants for their hard work and dedication – it was wonderful to meet you all in Philadelphia and we hope you continue to pursue your love of science – wherever it may take you!