Do you love science and teaching about chemistry? Are you looking for a flexible position that allows you to share your passion for STEM? Read on to learn how you can become part of the next You Be The Chemist (YBTC) Essential Elements℠ Certified Instructor class!

Seeking Certified Instructors

CEF’s You Be The Chemist (YBTC) Essential Elements℠ Certified Instructor program is thrilled to recruit for our 2022-2023 cohort of Instructors! We are seeking diverse, experienced educators who are enthusiastic about improving K-8 STEM education, teacher training and promoting the YBTC programs. Certified Instructors receive comprehensive training in workshop facilitation, outreach and communications, and ways to share and implement the YBTC programs in their communities. Each Instructor is tasked with conducting teacher training workshops to impart science education best practices, hands-on learning activities, resources, and collaboration opportunities to local educators. Through training teachers, we hope to improve the quality of K-8 science education via increased hands-on learning, real-world and career connections, and inquiry-based instructional practices.

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Cathi C.Reflections from an Instructor

“When I think of my favorite moments in our Essential Elements workshops, it’s always when someone is just shocked, surprised, and delighted by something they’ve been able to do or discover.  Watching their faces as they turn a glass upside down and water is held inside with just an index card, seeing a paper clip float on water, launching a marshmallow or experience static electricity for the first time–that is just priceless.  But then to see their expressions change as the “light” comes on for them with the WHY behind what they are doing, well, that’s why I love this kind of opportunity.  And that’s why I wanted to be a Certified Instructor.  From the time I started teaching 37 years ago to this very day, I love seeing that light come on.  It’s like opening up the entire world for someone!  When I think about all of the delighted faces that were illuminated by the simple discoveries made throughout our workshops, I can’t help but think about the truly transformative power of these experiences.  And what could be better than that?” -Cathi Cox-Boniol, Certified Instructor