Thank you to the dozens of educators who joined us Tuesday evening for our first ever Virtual Essential Elements Workshop! We were thrilled to receive lots of feedback from the event:

“Great job! This is the best webinar I’ve attended in 10 years!”

“The webinar was terrific!! Having all the materials mailed out ahead of time made it easy to participate.”

“This was a great way to reach teachers no matter where we live/teach. I loved the hands-on. I was expecting a handout of something and was delighted to get a package full of hands-on stuff.”

“The pacing was great. Having the materials to actually do the experiments was awesome as well! I love that they are simple materials that are easily attainable for classroom use.”

“I love the Activity Guides with ideas for differentiating the activities for younger and older grades.”

“You made it so easy to follow along and gave us everything we needed. So simple since I am so busy so THANK YOU!!!!!!!!”Capture

Attendees learned about the free STEM education programs offered through CEF, gained teaching tips for inquiry-based science education, and had the opportunity to try out a series of fun Activity Guide experiments while we designed lesson plan outlines together. As a special bonus, a former Dow Chemical chemist, Larry Sernyk, performed science “magic” tricks sure to delight any classroom!

Thanks again to those who attended and stay tuned! We hope to offer more virtual workshops in the future.