Here are the 42 You Be The Chemist National Challenge® participants for 2018! These students each won their State Challenge competition, and competed on June 18 in Washington, D.C. for the National Challenge Champion title!


Below, find the student representative from each state, and learn a bit about what each participant enjoys about the You Be The Chemist Challenge program!

Benjamin G.
Grade Level: 8
“I enjoyed learning chemistry while preparing for the competition, and I look forward to meeting other participants in the National event, as well as seeing some monuments in Washington D.C.”

Kieran O.
Grade Level: 7
“The thing I most enjoyed about the challenge is the fact that I am able to express the understanding and the happiness that this field of science gives me. I will meet people like me who share the same interest in the field of chemistry.”

Ella W.
Grade Level: 8
“I’m definitely looking forward to meeting talented kids from all over the country. I think there’s a lot to learn from an experience like this, and it’s really exciting to be a part of a national competition.”

Lina H.
Grade Level: 8
“It was enjoyable to explore chemistry & see the application of chemistry to the real world.”

Jacob G.
Grade Level: 8
“I enjoyed expanding my knowledge of chemistry along with competing against some of my best friends during the state competition.”

Ishaan B.
Grade Level: 8
“I am looking forward to learning new things from other competitors and exploring applications of chemistry through answering competition questions.”

Linus W.
Grade Level: 8
“What I am looking forward to in the 2018 National Challenge is the competition itself. The competition is very hard, but it is still fun.”

Vishanth M.
Grade Level: 8
“I am looking forward to exploring Washington D.C. and attending the national challenge. I’ve heard great things about the city and went last year, so I am excited to travel to the nation’s capital again. The national challenge is also something I am looking forward to.”

Zahin H.
Grade Level: 8
“I enjoyed the competition aspect of the Challenge as it really made me work harder, as I am competitive and like to win.”

Eric H.
Grade Level: 8
“The thing I most enjoyed about the You Be the Chemist Challenge is meeting new people and competing with others. I am most looking forward to competing in the National Challenge.”

Lawrence Z.
Grade Level: 8
“I am looking forward to meeting new friends with similar interests and having fun visiting D.C.”

Grace Z.
Grade Level: 7
“It’s been cool to meet so many other people that have the same interest in science as I do.”

Aditi K.
Grade Level: 8
“I like meeting the other You Be The Chemist participants and talking to them. Since all of us are interested in science in general, and chemistry in particular, I like to know what other things they are interested in and make some new friends. I am hoping to see some of the friends I made at last year’s You Be The Chemist National Challenge.”

Landry T.
Grade Level: 8
“What I’ve most enjoyed about participating in the Challenge is that I can show my love for science and that I get to show that I can do something amazing with myself. What I look most forward to about attending the 2018 National Challenge in Washington, D.C. is the chance to meet a lot of amazing and brilliant people.”

Niles L.
Grade Level: 8
“Fun activity, meet other people, and challenge in competition.”

Logan F.
Grade Level: 7
“I have enjoyed learning so much about science. Now I think I know much more about science and that can really help me in the future. I am looking forward to meeting new people at the National Challenge.”

Anna E.
Grade Level: 7
“I enjoyed the experience of the State Challenge as it was interesting, competitive, and provided new experiences.”

Claire S.
Grade Level: 8
“I can’t wait to finally meet people who will get my (bad) chemistry jokes! Also, I’m excited to visit the National Zoo and Smithsonian.
In addition, I hear there will be food . . . Yum. Sucrose.”

Rory C.
Grade Level: 8
“Well, I’m looking forward to getting to see some of the museums and monuments around the National Mall”

Yuvan C.
Grade Level: 7
“I have enjoyed learning about the properties of chemicals and how we use synthetic and natural chemicals in our everyday lives. I am looking forward to meeting new people and exploring Washington D.C.”

Gary W.
Grade Level: 8
“I look forward to visiting some friends in D.C. because I’m a military kid who used to live there.”

Saipranav K.
Grade Level: 8
“I look forward the most to meeting new people and making new friends at the National Challenge.”

Emma K.
Grade Level: 8
“I am looking forward to meeting the other challenge participants and going to the Natural History Museum.”

Elijah O.
Grade Level: 8
“I am looking forward to meeting other kids interested in chemistry from around the country. I am looking forward to my first National Challenge. I am excited to see Washington D.C. for the first time.”

Eshaan S.
Grade Level: 7
“I look forward to having fun, and doing my best, at the 2018 National Challenge.”

Saira S.
Grade Level: 5
“I enjoyed the formulas and I am looking forward to trying my best in the 2018 National Challenge in Washington, D.C. as well as representing New Mexico!”

Tommy Z.
Grade Level: 8
“I really enjoyed competing with other people in the challenge. I am looking forward to learning from the experience.”

Lee G-F.
Grade Level: 8
“The most exciting part of the challenge so far was the State challenge. Not only did I get to go, but two of my friends also competed. We got to participate in the Challenge together and, afterwards, have a celebratory dinner. They both did well, making it to the second round. The competition wouldn’t have been as good of an experience without them by my side.”

Dylan S.
Grade Level: 8
“I have enjoyed expanding my knowledge of chemistry. I am looking forward to learning many new things and meeting new peers that share my love for science. I am very excited to be able to participate in such an incredible program”

Marcus H.
Grade Level: 8
“I enjoyed meeting a bunch of people who love science.”

Aadarsh B.
Grade Level: 8
“The one thing I have enjoyed most about participating in the Challenge is being able to learn and understand things I did not know last year. I did You Be The Chemist last year too, and I’ve learned a lot since then!”

Julitza M-R.
Grade Level: 8
“I really enjoy the challenge in Puerto Rico cause everybody was excited but nervouse at the same time and the place was awesome.”

Bobby M. III
Grade Level: 8
“I’m looking forward to meeting all the other contestants and trying my best to win the competition.”

Asher W.
Grade Level: 8
“I am looking forward to participating in the National Challenge for the second consecutive year, recognizing people I know from last year’s competition, and meeting new people who all share similar interests and goals with me.”

Blake P.
Grade Level: 6
“I am most exited about seeing the sights in Washington D.C., and meeting other kids from across the United State who love science.”

Connor L.
Grade Level: 8
“I love the testing style that we do. I like how we choose our answers electronically, and my favorite part is that we get feedback on what the right answer was. It lets you have a grasp on how well you are doing and lets you know that you are not being cheated out of any of your correct answers.”

Alejandro C.
Grade Level: 8
“I look forward to meeting new people like me who share my interest in science but come from different states around America.”

Brody L.
Grade Level: 7
“I’m really looking forward to exploring the city and area of Washington, D.C., and of course, the challenge! My brother and my mom went to the National Challenge last year and I heard about it and I can’t wait to go. The museums, activities, and the whole competition weekend sounds amazing. If there is one thing that I am looking forward to the most, it’s the Smithsonian Institution.”

Shreyas A.
Grade Level: 7
“It’s always fun to meet contestants from each state and of course the special guest.”

Neil C.
Grade Level: 8
“I am most looking forward to meeting the other competitors around the country who are also interested in chemistry. They would be fun to interact with since they share some of the same desires with me.”

Anthony W.
Grade Level: 7
“I am looking forward to being in D.C., having never gone there in my life. So much history and legacy are kept there.”

Gianna M.
Grade Level: 8
“Washington, D.C. is one of my favorite cities, so I look forward to being there again and making new friendships and new memories.”